Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in joining the G&L Community! As you’ll discover in the Gaming & Leisure Overview and Media Kit, for over 20 years G&L is an organization that supports our industry in many ways. As the media company uniquely serving the gaming and hospitality industry, all of our platforms and offerings provide the properties we serve and business partners who serve them, the very best in best practices, diagnostics, statistics and original editorial content. In addition, G&L richly connects industry influencers and thought leaders throughout the year. G&L is honored to host the annual industry awards and the G&L Roundtable, which humbly is the top private forum in our industry.

Simply put, all that we do allows our business partners to reach their universe of potential through any medium they chose and connect with an unparalleled community of industry thought leaders.

To view the Gaming & Leisure Overview and Media Kit, send us an email (from your company email with your company email signature) at and we will provide it to you. We look forward to the opportunity to have you join this unique and amazing G&L Community!