Sponsor Info

15th anniversary sponsorsThe Uniquity of the G&L Roundtable
Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of the G&L Roundtable. The G&L Roundtable is coveted because it is both a private and incredibly unique forum.  Our environment is open and casual, creating an atmosphere comfortable and conducive for collaboration. We seek to balance networking, productivity and your ability to solidify relationships meaningful to you. We incorporate both attendee and sponsor feedback each year, it is for this reason, that although we describe the two days (see Format) the Roundtable actually changes each year based on those ideas and our growth. 

Benefits of Being a Sponsor of the G&L Roundtable
A G&L Business Partner Sponsor described it as “a forum that provides the most targeted at bats our company could possibly get under one roof in North America.” This is because it is a private G&L Community forum and we limit our sponsorships each year. This provides you an unparalled and intimate experience to meet with your peers and our G&L Board and Roundtable Colleagues (your clients and future clients) who represent a vast majority of domestic gaming and hospitality spend and in fact, we have hosted the most gaming CIOs in one private forum in North America. 

How do I become a sponsor?
Previous year sponsors have the right to retain their sponsorship through the first quarter of each year. If any sponsors release their sponsorship we offer those to our eligible wait list and we close all sponsorships each year by April 1. If you have an interest in sponsoring, this means it’s optimal to reach out to us November through February, and it’s critical to reach out no later than March.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Jeannie at Jeannie@mygamingandleisure.com.  Thank you for your interest in the G&L Roundtable and we hope you can join us this year.