G&L Annual Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards

The Gaming & Leisure organization, publisher of the principal industry management periodical Gaming & Leisure and host of the coveted G&L Roundtable private forum, is honored and proud to host the Annual Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards allowing all companies globally who enter to be fairly evaluated by the buying constituency without cost. We feel not having to ‘pay to play’ is a key and critical ingredient to ensure all companies have an equal opportunity to enter. The significance and uniquity of the Annual Industry Awards are the creators and judges comprised within the G&L Board and Roundtable colleagues. This distinguished panel, encompassing property owners and operators in the gaming and hospitality industry represent a vast majority of gaming technology and services spend in North America, define the awards, create the rigorous review process, analyze the entrants and select the recipients. The sound and unbiased methodology employed ensures all companies are evaluated fairly and most importantly by the buying constituency. Even if a company finds they are not an award recipient, there is incredible value in having their company granularly reviewed by nearly their entire client base and potential client base.

There are four specific Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards. G&L’s Board and Roundtable Colleagues consider the technical product, the company that produces the product, their service level and performance. A company may win multiple awards. These are the four awards:

  • Innovation Award: The company that demonstrates the best original thinking in solving one or more business problems.
  • Transformation Award: The company that has most dramatically changed the gaming or hospitality industry’s technology landscape in the area of interoperability.
  • Partner Award: The company that best illustrates a granular understanding of the real problems facing their clients, and has taken the steps within their offerings to demonstrate they are the appropriate solutions partner for today and for tomorrow.
  • Platinum Award: The highest honor award is given to the company who the judges believe to best exemplify all three of the above categories.

We congratulate the 2021 Award Recipients!

Industry Excellence Award Recipients

  • Agilysys Improves Customer Service
  • Aristocrat Increases Revenue
  • QCI Deep Understanding of the Customer
  • Solutions II State of the Art Technology
  • VPS Saves Cost