Annual Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards Entry Packet

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The Gaming & Leisure organization, publisher of the principal industry management periodical Gaming & Leisure and host of the coveted G&L Roundtable private forum, is honored and proud to host the Annual Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards allowing all companies globally who enter to be fairly evaluated by the buying constituency without cost. We feel not having to ‘pay to play’ is a key and critical ingredient to ensure all companies have an equal opportunity to enter. The significance and uniquity of the Annual Industry Awards are the creators and judges comprised within the G&L Board and Roundtable colleagues. This distinguished panel, encompassing property owners and operators in the gaming and hospitality industry represent a vast majority of gaming technology and services spend in North America, define the awards, create the rigorous review process, analyze the entrants and select the recipients. The sound and unbiased methodology employed ensures all companies are evaluated fairly and most importantly by the buying constituency. Even if a company finds they are not an award recipient, there is incredible value in having their company granularly reviewed by nearly their entire client base and potential client base.

Please complete the 2021 Award Entry packet and submit per instructions enclosed by 9 a.m. PST on June 1, 2022.

2022 GL Annual Gaming Hospitality Industry Awards Entry Packet

There is one entry packet per product, and you may enter more than one packet if you have multiple products. Each entry packet will be evaluated for all four categories.

The award recipients will be authorized to display the official award logo, will be featured in the winter edition of Gaming & Leisure Magazine, be included in a North American press release and will be bestowed with all of the rights and privileges that will be provided to them upon winning.