2022 G&L Roundtable – October 9-10

The G&L Roundtable is one of the most sought after forums in our industry, which is why for two decades we continue to honor our commitment that it remain a private invitation-only G&L Community forum thus making it an enjoyable, unique and rich experience for all who attend.

The G&L Roundtable shapes the gaming and hospitality landscape of innovation and operations by providing, in one forum, the very people who can foster that change. In addition to the many CXOs in attendance, the G&L Roundtable is honored to host the most gaming CIOs in one private forum in North America, representing a vast majority of gaming and hospitality spend domestically and beyond. The most important G&L Roundtable asset is the amazing leaders who attend, the time they dedicate, and the new terrain they carve for all of us in the industry.

Visit the Executive Information page for details and contact Jeannie jeannie@mygamingandleisure.com early in the year to reserve your seat as seating is limited.

Visit the Sponsorship Information page for details and contact Jeannie jeannie@mygamingandleisure.com in Q4 or Q1 at the very latest as all sponsorships close promptly on April 1st of each year.

G&L Roundtable

A few words on the G&L Roundtable from Previous Attendees

Charley Paelinck, CIO, Station Casinos

“G&L represents the best in Gaming. A fantastic group of people that care about the industry and have built strong long term relations that you can depend on for the latest information and for support when you need it. As a long time veteran of Vegas Gaming I have relied on Jeannie throughout my tenure. Thank you.”

Titu Asghar, CEO, Morongo Band of Mission Indians

“Over the last 13 years, I have been participating in the Gaming & Leisure Roundtable and have found it to be a very credible platform to exchange ideas with my counterparts in the gaming industry.  The networking sessions, the Roundtables and the rotation sessions are of tremendous value where we, as peers, share our insight and strengthen our community. Jeannie has grown the G&L Roundtable from it’s infancy to a trusted source for our industry.  I applaud your efforts and the success you have had in bringing the industry leaders to the table to have meaningful dialogue to advance our goals. Thank you.”

Monika Nerger, Global CIO, The Americas Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

“From a fledgling start up two decades ago, G&L has becoming the de facto standard for required reading and networking in the gaming and hospitality industry. This is in no small part due the high caliber of standards which G&L upholds, but also due to the ongoing commitment Jeannie has made throughout the years to inform, educate, and engage our growing community. The G&L Roundtable is an insider’s view and opportunity to understand the real issues in today’s technology environment. It is an open, honest, and refreshing discussion with key influencers, unlike any other forum in the industry. I’m proud to have been associated with Gaming & Leisure since its inception, and I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone at Gaming & Leisure for your continued success!”

Van Baltz, CIO, Jack Entertainment

“For 20 years the Gaming & Leisure Roundtable has been bringing operations and vendor industry leaders together to share challenges and opportunities.  G&L fosters an open and honest discussion in a forum which drives forward technology innovation and has a direct impact on relevant gaming industry issues.”

John Enriquez, CIO, Wind Creek Hospitality

“The G&L Roundtable has always been an extraordinary opportunity for leaders to share ideas, concerns, and important topics top of mind in Gaming & Hospitality. It always attracts the best of the best in our industry. The ability to sustain this level of excellence for 20 years is remarkable. It can only happen with exceptional leadership and very strong support staff alongside that leader. Jeannie Caruso, I salute and congratulate you on this great journey and can only guess what the future holds for us. I look forward to the next 20 years. Great Job!”

Chuck Kilroy, VP, GM, Delaware North

“Happy anniversary Gaming & Leisure! What a great organization and terrific magazine. Over the past twenty years, the gaming industry has evolved in so many ways and G&L has been there every step of the way to help guide those of us in the industry by bringing the major players together and introducing new innovative products. The G&L Roundtable is a much-anticipated event that gives the chance to share ideas and learn about new products and services. Jeannie and her team do a great job putting all this together. I look forward to many more years with G&L and wish you nothing but success!”

Joe Roybal, CIO, Osage Casinos

“Bringing the core of our industry together (people, relationships, and products), I’m very thankful and humble to be a part of G&L community.  Every year I look forward to attending the G&L Roundtable to network with the best of the best Gaming and Hospitality has to offer. Happy 20th G&L, here’s to 20 more year!”

Brian Charette, VP of IT, Foxwoods Resort Casino

“Gaming & Leisure is hands down the best industry resource that I rely on. Covering all facets of the Gaming and Hospitality industries, it is well-written, insightful, and always spot on with current industry trends.  Happy 20th Anniversary to Jeannie, April, and the entire G&L team.  Thank you for being a source of continuity in the ever-changing resort industry landscape.”

Mike Day,  Executive Officer, TribalHub

“Cheers to twenty years! I was fortunate enough to have first met Jeannie Caruso more than twenty years ago while we were working together on a shared project based out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It was only  a year or so earlier that I had proceeded with my own crazy idea of forming  what would become TribalNet, when I recall discussing with Jeannie her own “crazy” idea and vision of creating  “this  new publication and group that would encompass business, technology, innovation and all things relevant to the Gaming & Hospitality industry.” It takes a risk taker with vision, commitment and a tireless work effort to turn an idea into a reality, and congratulations to Jeannie and G&L on the twenty years of success and accomplishment. The quality of Gaming & Leisure content along with the involvement of the gaming and hospitality community in G&L Magazine is also a testament to the efforts and dedication of the G&L team. I have been proud to be a part of the G&L Board, and even more proud to have Jeannie Caruso as a friend.  As technology continues to play a larger role in the ultimate success of every organization in our industry, it is important to have resources like Gaming & Leisure and a forum like the G&L Roundtable that focuses on technology and the business issues we are all currently dealing with. Congratulations on your accomplishments and twenty-year anniversary!”

Peter Broughton, SVP of IT, Eldorado Resorts Inc.

“Congratulations Jeannie on pulling off the near impossible; a timely, well written, informative magazine that addresses the industry issues we face every day. You’ve introduced us to new vendors, industry peers and helped open our minds to new ideas. The dialogue you have fostered through the magazine and the annual G&L Roundtable has been tremendous. What other industry can say they gather together such a large percentage of gaming and hospitality management in one room to discuss current issues and solutions; and then allow us to network with all our vendors? Truly an amazing feat and something I look forward to every year. Here’s to another 20 years of G&L!!”

John Kenefick, VP of IT, Pechanga Resort & Casino

The G&L Roundtable is one of those events as a leader you just cannot miss. It is a rare chance to network with casino leaders in a very open environment. The forum allows fellow CXO’s the opportunity to discuss challenges and successes in our industry and to find out what others are doing in our vertical. I personally look forward to attending each year to share experiences.”

Don Kneisel, VP of IT, Hard Rock Casino Hotel, Atlantic City

“The G&L Roundtable is engaging, and the topics were relevant to what is important to me. I enjoyed meeting new IT leaders and seeing old friends.” Who could put a value on a meeting of all the IT leaders in our industry in one place? No politics. Just frank discussions. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and insights. Wow!”

Fran Moore, Dir. of Information Systems, Wildhorse Resort & Casino

“The G&L Roundtable experience never disappoints me. Each year there are valuable discussions, insights and general interactions that afford the opportunity to gain perspective of the industry climate and gauge vendor direction.”

John Filippe, Dir. of IT, Seven Feathers Casino Resort

“In an industry that is so out to sea on which way to turn during these trying times, it is a comfort to know the G&L team is still bringing together operators and vendors to not only keep current with industry trends, but also discuss how to handle the aggressive changes that we are all trying to adjust to.  After 20 years of providing an already incredible service to the industry, it is a comfort to know that when the world went wonky, G&L was there to support all of us.”

Steve Edwards, IT Director, Jacobs Entertainment Inc.

“I have been a member of the G&L family for a lot of years and hope that I give as much to them as they give to me!  I am always amazed that when I need something, the “super busy” CIO’s get back to me quickly and with solid information.  The relationship between the vendors and board is genuine and this is really a rarity in today’s world.  We respect each other and have a strong connection, which is interesting, since we really don’t spend very much time together.  I think that Jeannie and her crew are the glue that keeps us all together.”

Jamie Gliddon, IT Dir., Calder Casino

“Congratulations to Jeannie and the G&L team for 20 years of supporting the gaming and hospitality industry.  G&L helps all of us to remain engaged with our colleagues and business partners. Creating a forum for IT operators around the country to share and discuss current and upcoming technologies has been invaluable.  Knowing that the G&L team is an available option when you need to “phone a friend” for assistance or direction is always comforting and very much appreciated.  Keep up the great work and Thank You!”

Marlon Ortiz, Dir. of Information Security, Graton Gaming Commission

“More than ever in these interesting times we are living we need a place where we can connect with peers exchange information and collect relevant information that help us in our day-to-day operations. Gaming & Leisure has been here for us for 20 years, and I’m hoping with our support, participation and Jeannie’s vision and tireless work is going to be here for another 20 years.”