2021 G&L Roundtable – October 3-4

The G&L Roundtable is one of the most sought after forums in our industry, which is why for nearly two decades we continue to honor our commitment that it remain a private invitation-only G&L Community forum thus making it an enjoyable, unique and rich experience for all who attend.

The G&L Roundtable shapes the gaming and hospitality landscape of innovation and operations by providing, in one forum, the very people who can foster that change. In addition to the many CXOs in attendance, the G&L Roundtable is honored to host the most gaming CIOs in one private forum in North America, representing a vast majority of gaming and hospitality spend domestically and beyond. The most important G&L Roundtable asset is the amazing leaders who attend, the time they dedicate, and the new terrain they carve for all of us in the industry.

We are replicating our unique Roundtable forum this year on a brilliant virtual platform. This allows us to accept sponsorships and property executives through late September, so click below to join us!

Visit the Executive Information page for details and contact Jeannie jeannie@mygamingandleisure.com early in the year to reserve your seat as seating is limited.

Visit the Sponsorship Information page for details and contact Jeannie jeannie@mygamingandleisure.com in Q4 or Q1 at the very latest as all sponsorships close promptly on April 1st of each year.

G&L Roundtable

A few words on the G&L Roundtable from Previous Attendees

Titu Asghar, CEO, Morongo Band of Mission Indians
“The G&L Community has been a tremendous asset to me, especially being a non-IT person. G&Ls commitment to the industry exudes from the caliber of The G&L Roundtable they hold. The open interaction and feedback from my peers in the IT industry during the conference is unmeasurable for me to incorporate in my work. Thank you, and looking forward to many more years.“

Monika Nerger, Global CIO, The Americas Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
“From a fledgling start up over 17 years ago, G&L has becoming the de facto standard for required reading and networking in the gaming and hospitality industry. This is in no small part due the high caliber of standards which G&L upholds, but also due to the ongoing commitment Jeannie has made throughout the years to inform, educate, and engage our growing community. The G&L Roundtable is an insider’s view and opportunity to understand the real issues in today’s technology environment. It is an open, honest, and refreshing discussion with key influencers, unlike any other forum in the industry. I’m proud to have been associated with Gaming & Leisure since its inception, and I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone at Gaming & Leisure for your continued success!”

Van Baltz, CIO, Jack Entertainment
“G&L Roundtable brings in industry leaders in an open forum to discuss relevant issues that impact our organizations.”

Dwight Terrance, CIO, Grand Traverse Resort & Casino
“Gaming & Leisure magazine always hits the sweet spot in the industry. G&L has a team of professionals that understand the industry, provides unique insight, and sharing of best practices that is a valuable reference for me. The G&L Roundtable, that is sponsored by G&L, is the best event, for networking and sharing of information among my colleagues, that I have ever attended. This event is also represented with a high degree of industry independence, which adds to the value of this event.”

Joe Roybal, CIO, Osage Casinos
“Congratulations on over 17 years!!! Gaming & Leisure has been and will continue to be a great one-stop source of knowledge for me. I truly value the industry insight and peer perspectives on hotel and casino technologies, common challenges and future trends we all face. As an attendee of the G&L Roundtable, I am surrounded by the most knowledgeable and established leaders in the industry, which allows me to network, share ideas and exchange information in a relaxed and truly outstanding forum. I look forward to future Roundtables and am thankful to G&L for the valuable work and service you provide.”

John Enriquez, CIO, Wind Creek Hospitality
“The G&L Roundtable is an instrumental opportunity to get together with other executives and share issues, concerns and ideas that are valuable, timely and informative for all of us. The camaraderie that exists within the group is unique. It is an open and casual yet very classy and professional atmosphere. I look forward every year to this event. This is a must for any executive in the casino or hospitality industry.”

Chuck Kilroy, VP, GM, Delaware North
“Congratulations on over 17 years as a partner to the hospitality and gaming industry. The G&L Roundtable is a valuable resource that I look forward to participating in each year. I like that the forum encourages the open sharing of opinions and insights on current topics and the chance to learn about new systems, technologies, products and practices with key leaders of the Gaming and Hospitality Industry. Not only is it a wealth of information but also a chance to recognize the people and products making a difference in our industry. I am grateful to Gaming & Leisure for this event each year and for giving me the opportunity to network with so many talented professionals.”

Brian Charette, VP of IT, Foxwoods Resort Casino
“The G&L Community continues to be a great source of information sharing and collaboration. The G&L Roundtable sets the stage for relationship building, idea generation, and open dialog; however, it’s not just limited to a once a year event. The friendships built amongst the industry’s top talents extend throughout the year. I’m thankful to my colleagues who are always open to sharing ideas.”

Mike Day, Founder of TribalNet
“Congratulations to Jeannie and G&L on over 17 years of success! The quality of Gaming & Leisure and the involvement of the gaming industry in this publication is a testament to the vision, commitment, and dedication of Jeannie Caruso. I can still recall discussions with Jeannie when G&L was only an idea and a possibility. It is always satisfying to be able to watch someone turn their vision into a reality. As technology continues to play a larger role in the ultimate success of every organization in our industry, it is important to have Gaming & Leisure and a forum like the G&L Roundtable that focuses on technology and the business issues we are currently dealing with. I am looking forward too many more years of G&L success and growth.”

Peter Broughton, SVP of IT, Eldorado Resorts Inc.
“Congratulations Jeannie on pulling off the near impossible; a timely, well written, informative magazine that addresses the industry issues we face every day. You’ve introduced us to new vendors, industry peers and helped open our minds to new ideas. The dialogue you have fostered through the magazine and the annual G&L Roundtable has been tremendous. What other industry can say they gather together such a large percentage of gaming and hospitality management in one room to discuss current issues and solutions; and then allow us to network with all our vendors? Truly an amazing feat and something I look forward to every year. Here’s to another 17 years of G&L!!”

John Kenefick, VP of IT, Pechanga Resort & Casino
The G&L Roundtable is one of those events as a leader you just cannot miss. It is a rare chance to network with casino leaders in a very open environment. The forum allows fellow CXO’s the opportunity to discuss challenges and successes in our industry and to find out what others are doing in our vertical. I personally look forward to attending each year to share experiences.”

Don Kneisel, VP of IT, Hard Rock Casino Hotel, Atlantic City
“The G&L Roundtable is engaging, and the topics were relevant to what is important to me. I enjoyed meeting new IT leaders and seeing old friends.” Who could put a value on a meeting of all the IT leaders in our industry in one place? No politics. Just frank discussions. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and insights. Wow!”

Fran Moore, VP of IT, Cache Creek Casino Resort
“The G&L Roundtable experience never disappoints me. Each year there are valuable discussions, insights and general interactions that afford the opportunity to gain perspective of the industry climate and gauge vendor direction.”

Marlon Ortiz, Dir. of Information Security, Graton Gaming Commission
“Gaming & Leisure continues to address the need for a medium to exchange relevant technical and professional information for the benefit of the gaming IT community. The annual G&L Roundtable affords myself and my peers across the country an opportunity to brainstorm and share information in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. G&L and the G&L Roundtable are essential to all IT Management and are unsurpassed with in our industry. The G&L Roundtable should be a mandatory event for any IT executive that works in the industry. This is the perfect forum to share ideas, make connections and learn from the best and brightest of the industry.”

John Murphy, Sr. Director of MIS, Mountaineer Gaming
“The annual G&L Roundtable is one of the most important forums on my calendar every year. The value of the top CXOs in the industry in one room discussing the challenges we all have providing the proper value of IT to the business is incredible. Being able to visit with the business leaders within the G&L Community that supplies the goods and services to our industry allows direct communications of the industry IT needs back to the manufacturers. I have been attending this once a year forum since 2004 and I look forward to continuing to watch the G&L Community mature and have a real opportunity to change the way that technology is utilized in gaming and hospitality.”

Steve Edwards, IT Director, Jacobs Entertainment Inc.
“In most industries you rarely get a chance to meet with your peers in an environment where you can discuss important issues. We obviously all are competitive, but in the G&L Roundtable we all try to solve the issues in the industry, as well as the issues internal to our own companies. We all have a lot of demands on our time but this is one commitment that I look forward too and is beneficial. Gaming & Leisure has been putting this event and the magazine together for the last 17 years, it is nice to have a publication that is committed to the IT needs of the gaming industry.”

John Fillipe, Dir. of IT, Quinault Beach Resort and Casino
“Here’s to over 17 years of bringing the gaming and hospitality community together to share in the latest trends and keeping all of your audience ahead of the rest of the industry! With the rare opportunity provided by G&L at our yearly G&L Roundtable we are able to keep ahead of upcoming trends through open discussion between operators and vendors. Not only can we see the opportunities, but we can see the challenges that are not as unique to our individual companies as we might have thought originally, and we can address them in ways that we would have been blind to otherwise. Insight like that makes you a better leader, and that is something that G&L has given me and many of our colleagues in this industry!”