Sunday G&L Golf Invitational

The G&L Golf Invitational is an outstanding networking and enjoyable day which includes the golf invitational, dinner, prizes and cocktails.

Monday G&L Roundtable

The G&L Roundtable forum is a true uniquity in our industry. A forum dedicated to our industry properties and a small, select grouping of business partners who serve the industry. The result is the betterment of our industry for today and tomorrow and friendships that last a lifetime.

Monday Evening G&L Reception

The G&L Roundtable Reception is a must attend evening of the year for those in gaming and hospitality and for many, it is the most looked forward to evening of the year. It’s an evening of solidifying relationships between and within the most influential people and companies in our industry. We are honored to host during this amazing evening our industry’s Annual Gaming & Hospitality Awards, recognizing both industry thought leaders and the top business partners serving the industry.

Contact Jeannie at to join us!