US Thrillrides begins taking orders for Unicoaster Roulette: The Game You Can Ride!


USTR continues to move forward as they prepare for the reopening of worldwide entertainment in a new world with an irresistible combination of cutting-edge thrills and the exhilaration of winning the jackpot.


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – The COVID-19 crisis has crippled the gaming industry, changed the rules, and delayed the release of several big-name projects.  But longtime innovator Bill Kitchen knows when it’s time to make a comeback.  US Thrillrides has been hard at work fine-tuning the hugely successful Unicoaster concept into the next must-have for your casinos.


The Unicoaster Roulette is a patented ride that combines the successfully tried and tested concepts seen in places like the Mall of America (Nickelodeon’s Brain Surge) and the American Dream (Jimmy Neutron’s Atom Smasher) with the anticipation of being the next big winner – while you ride.  This winning combination and small footprint has allowed the Unicoaster Roulette to fit perfectly into any entertainment venue, from family fun centers, to major theme parks, and now even as a centerpiece gaming attraction in casinos.


This provides the perfect opportunity to provide something fresh and new that attracts a younger demographic while generating as much as $900 per square foot in projected revenue at only 35% utilization. The return on investment is projected to be at two years or less allowing casinos to attract a new audience and have a unique and profitable gaming attraction.


Unicoaster Roulette delivers the thrills of a rollercoaster experience with minimal height and footprint. With the added appeal of a winner with every ride, repeat riders will be common and venues can tailor the prize to fit their needs.  Pending local regulatory approval, casinos can even offer cash jackpots, making Unicoaster Roulette a resort centerpiece and a powerful icon, all in one.


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