Michael Day


Founder of TribalNet , TribalNet

Member of the Gaming & Leisure Board

Mike Day is the founder of TribalNet.

"Congratulations to Jeannie and G&L on many years of success! The quality of Gaming & Leisure and the involvement in the gaming industry in this publication is a testament to the vision, commitment, and dedication of Jeannie Caruso. I can still recall discussions with Jeannie when G&L was only an idea and a possibility. It is always satisfying to be able to watch someone turn their vision into a reality. I read G&L because it is one of the few publications that I find to be a beneficial use of my time. G&L has proven to be a publication that can provide me with useful information and ideas that I can and have used in my organization. It covers systems and technology issues that are current, and the content encompasses all facets of a gaming and hospitality environment. G&L is an effective tool, a great source of information and an effective use of my time. I recommend it to anyone working in the gaming or leisure environment. As technology continues to play a larger role in the ultimate success of every organization in our industry, it is important to have Gaming & Leisure and a forum like the G&L Roundtable that focuses on technology and the business issues we are currently dealing with. Looking forward too many more years of G&L success and growth."