Les Leonard


VP of IT Business Solutions , Seneca Gaming Corp.

Member of the Gaming & Leisure Board

IT Professional with 32+ years of Technology and Telecommunications experience. Senior IT Executive with exceptional communication and leaderhship skills. Focused on connecting IT to the business and delivering cost effective solutions for business operations.

“I have attended the G&L Roundtable for many years and I look forward to it each year. The G&L Roundtable provides a venue for me to have direct discussion will my peers in the industry and also have direct discussions with all the important vendors in our market. The G&L Roundtable is a great platform for peers to discuss industry trends and address our concerns to vendors with a singular voice. I don’t need to set up multiple meetings; rather, we do it all in 2 days. In these days of trimming margins and reducing operating expenses, we must choose wisely which event(s) to take part in each year. The G&L Roundtable is a must attend for any CXO in the Gaming and Hospitality space. The shear amount of talent and experience of the attendees makes this a valuable experience. One would be remiss if they did not take advantage of the opportunity to tap into the shared experience and knowledge the CXO professionals in our industry. I gain great insights into the market and technology enhancements each year and highly recommend G&L and the G&L Roundtable.”