Signature Systems Inc.


Partner Description:

Signature Systems, Inc., a multi-award-winning technology solutions innovator, has been a leader in developing and implementing comprehensive, compliant, and cost-effective products and services for over 34 years. Its signature product—SSI POS–is a top rated, all-concept point of sale system. Combined with PDQ Security®, an acclaimed cyber security platform, the all-encompassing PCI compliant solution has helped its ever-growing customer base save time, effort, and costs (including labor); increase orders and ticket amounts; and uphold customer brand by preventing costly, reputation-damaging breaches and other types of cyber crime.

Contact Details:

Michael Nardi

760 Veterans Circle

Warminster, PA 18974

Phone: 877-968-6430

Mobile: 609-457-4646


Products Offered:

All-in-One POS
Mobile POS
Self-serve kiosk POS
Natively integrated digital menu boards
Natively integrated Enterprise reporting app
Natively integrated “In-Place Dining” app
Natively integrated online ordering
Natively integrated text-overlay camera system
Natively integrated kitchen display system (KDS)
Data & cyber security platform
Seamless 3rd party integrations w/full project management
24x7x365 support and on-demand menu updates