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Partner Description:

Our mission is to build meaningful relationships and provide modern solutions for your business. Our objective is to position and advise your business through a review of your current sales strategy to be better positioned against disruptive competitors in the market. We can provide a custom “go-to-market” plan that will help align annual budgets with industry media and marketing events to gain access to growth opportunities. We also provide services to help IT departments augment their project team review news solutions. In the digital age hotels & casinos should be implementing solutions that streamline the guest journey through multiple technology touch points. We are available to identify the best digital transformation solutions, project manage hotel openings or oversee conversions. RFPs and software delivery timelines.Caruso Partners has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and gaming industry working with  leaders of best of breed solution technology and building meaningful relationships with decision makers, influencers and key IT executives.https://www.carusopartners.comIf your business is in need of experienced sales leadership methodologies or business IT transformation, let us help through our strategic partnerships.

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Contact Name: Michael Caruso

Street: 1801 Calle de Espana

City, State, Country: Las Vegas NV USA

Phone: 7025929828

Mobile: 7025929828

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Company: Caruso Partners, LLC Company



Today we service the following companies –

Valify – software BI platform to identify and manage the purchased services spend in your supply chain ecosystem.

Percipia – A leading provider of telephony and digital guest mobility solutions for hotels, resorts and casinos.

Network Security Consultants, LLC – managed IT cloud services and infrastructure security.