EI Industry News: More September Highlights!


The Eventus International team is very pleased to report that EI Industry News has received numerous positive reviews since its publication in August 2020. The September issue is once again filled with detailed and considered views delivered by some of the global gaming industry’s top specialists. We are excited to share a few of the highlights from this issue with you.

The gaming industry has seen a rapid increase in financial crime. In her article, “Money Laundering Crime: How Vulnerable is the Gaming Industry?”, Hala Bou Alwan, CEO & Founder of Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy, points out that the gaming industry is indeed a target and discusses how regulators and operators can combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Are casino employees more at risk of problem gambling than the general population? Research suggests two competing theories. In his article, “Should Casino Employees Be Allowed to Gamble?” Sudhir Kalé, Founder and Principal of GamePlan Consultants, puts these two hypotheses to test and reveals the findings.

In an industry where governments are reluctant to work together, international standards might be a better way towards rationalising the global rulebook. Tony Allen, Founder & CEO of Age Check Certification Scheme, analyses this in his article, “Are International Standards and Assurance Schemes the Best Hope for Regulatory Alignment?”

There seems to be a prevailing notion that Africa is yet to “bridge the gap” in the gaming and other sectors. In his article, “Bridging the Gap in Africa: Prejudice and Misconception”, Christophe Caye, Co-Founder and CEO of LudWin Group, explains why this perception is inaccurate.

Join in on these compelling debates and much more in the September issue of EI Industry News.


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