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If you are a G&L Business Partner who has selected G&L Voice Advertising this is the place where  you create and update your podcast ad with us online. Note: You must be a G&L Business Partner to use this service.

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Podcast Ad Content

Please provide up to 3 sentences about your company for your podcast ad that our Voice show host will say at the beginning of the show:

Helpful Tip: Remember a podcast is like radio and the podcast ad that you write above will be said by our Voice host at the beginning of the show. For example, the host may say “G&L Voice is brought to you today by our good friends at ABC Company. ABC Company is the leader in the gaming and hospitality industry providing XXX to XXX for over 30 years. ABC helps XX with XX every day, saving your property both time and money. Visit ABC at their website XXX or send XX an email directly at XX."

Logo (for NEW G&L Business Partners)

Your company logo may also be placed on applicable email and or social podcast release announcements. . Email your logo to Check the G&L Media Kit for resolution specifications for your logo.