David Chavez


values are alive and well, the rewards will be all around you. And the biggest of these rewards will be accountability.

David Chavez is a Certified Gazelles International Coach and Vistage Chair with diverse coaching, leadership and management experience. David is the owner of Assured Strategies. He spends the majority of his time guiding executive teams on how to build a team to execute strategy. He also facilitates the strategic planning sessions and meetings. David is known for rolling up his sleeves to help clients develop a winning plan to increase profit give the team their time back so they can take control of their life.

David brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to the table with him to help his clients. David has shared many of the frustrations his clients have with growing their businesses while growing his own midsized CPA Firm. He has helped over 1,000 businesses over his career. He has also served as an advisor and on the boards of many public and private companies. He knows teamwork and strategy from the “been their done that” position, but he realizes he has not seen it all. His experience in leadership and the client service business puts him in a unique position to help his clients. Having a business that challenged his abilities as a leader gave him the desire to understand his shortcomings and develop his strengths. He is able to help his client’s do the same. He possesses a strong knowledge of finance but his ability to teach and guide teams to extraordinary results is his passion.