Podagy, Inc.


Services ~

Podagy provides customizable and branded Facebook Messenger chatbot that leerages natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and topical reminders to encourages action on the part of your current and potential customers.

Partner Description:

Podagy is a customizable marketing platform that brings our Facebook Messenger chatbot to the gaming and hospitality industries. Facebook users join communities that, through videos, graphics and reminder messages, encourage and reward real action that benefit the community and your enterprise.  For example, you may sponsor a community of fans of a particular musical artist. Fans can share their videos and engage in text communications with other community members; your bot will send personalized and tailored reminder messages through Facebook Messenger at optimal times about performances and offers; and Podagy can offer a variety of calls to action. When someone responds to a call to action, they are rewarded by receiving community recognition (badges, new privileges, etc.) as well as promotional items. Podagy carries your brand (e.g., the bot's name and personality) utilizing fully customizable graphic and copy content, Podagy was piloted in a study by the Psychology Department of Cambridge University and significantly outperformed SMS and email reminders for encouraging desired behavior. Podagy is also powered by industry standard natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology designed to provide the most effective messaging to each individual at the most appropriate time. Please contact Bart A. Lewin, bart.lewin@bartlewin.com for more information.

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Contact Name: Bart A. LewinStreet: 5386 Encino Springs AvenueCity, State, Country: Las Vegas, NV, USAPhone:Mobile: 7023664908Email address: bart.lewin@bartlewin.comCompany: Podagy, Inc.