Products Offered:

The Engagement Cloud™ is the world’s first intelligent, unified messaging platform enabling the world’s most admired brands to provide exceptional and memorable customer experiences, as well as optimize team productivity and efficiency. continues to expand its global reach and presence in many geographies across the world, especially in North America, Europe and APAC, to meet growing demand for enterprise-class, customer engagement solutions. Engagement Cloud™’s Notable Features and Functionality include:

  • Cloud-based.  Modern, native web and mobile technologies, cloud-based platform with no on-site software installation or servers required.  Easy setup, easy onboarding and easy go-live.
  • Omni-channel, Multi-platform Messaging and Digital Communication.  Integrated with all the popular global and regional messaging platforms (including WhatsApp for Business, Messenger, Wechat, LINE, Skype, etc.), and can layer on additional digital non-messaging digital channels (including webchat, mobile apps, email, etc.). Engagement Cloud™ acts as the digital communication hub between an organization and it’s guests/customers.
  • Human-assisted Chatbot and Automation.  AI-powered, NLP-based chatbots have been designed to simply be another staff member.  No weird, conflicts in communication – seamless, smooth use of chatbots in high service-oriented environments that enhance the customer experience with immediate, accurate replies, while simultaneously saving staff time.
  • API & Integration.  Seamlessly integrates with existing hospitality systems (including PMS, SO, F&B, CRM and more) through modern, advanced API services to automate workflows, inclusive of creating service tickets, reservation confirmations and more.
  • Privacy, Security and Compliance (GDPR Compliant).  Security and privacy is top-of-mind, from auto credit card masking to GDPR explicit or implicit opt-in flows.
  • Bi-directional Language Translation.  Receive messages in any language, have it auto-translated, and reply back to the guest in his/her preferred language.
  • Omni-channel Group Messaging/Broadcasting.  Quickly send an omni-channel notification or alert messages to any number of guests, from VIP guests offering a special experience, to wedding event attendees, to all checked-in guests in case of an emergency.
  • Private, Custom Routing.  Privacy of messages is paramount. Privately auto-route messages sent by specific people to specific team members.
  • Custom Escalations. Messages can not only route to the right team members or departments, but each message and conversation can be customized to escalate to the relevant team members or departments.
  • Global Guest Profile.  Within the Engagement Cloud™ platform, there is one unique identifier per person.  So wherever a guest travels, messages and communicates, know who the guest is and be able to share notes across sister-properties within the portfolio.
  • Staff-to-Staff Messaging.  Engage with guests and collaborate with team members — all from within the Engagement Cloud™. Engagement Cloud™’s Notable Benefits include:


  • Increase Guest Spend.  On average, 25%+ of inbound guest messages are revenue-related.
  • Engagement throughout the ENTIRE Guest Journey.  From pre-arrival, during stay and post-stay, remain in easy contact with guests.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction.  Anytime, anywhere, communication dramatically increases the guest experience, which drives better reviews and overall drives loyalty.

Increase Operational Team Efficiency.  Integrations with automation frees up staff time.